today i'm the captain of my ship. only because i deconstructed my sweatshirt into a nautical sweatshirt...
it went from this (american apparel):

I shortened the sleeves and pleated them behind the elbow. I didn't take a picture of it because I'm at work and trying to get a co-worker to take a picture of the back of your arms is not as easy as it seems. I then used the fabric from the cut-off arms to make the braids. Those had to be hand sewn onto the shirt. Then I attached some nautical themed buttons from Pearl Paint. I ideally wanted to go to MJ Trim for the buttoms but it was too far of a trek from my office.

I'm thinking about selling these at renegade. I figure with a tax i.d. i can get wholesale at american apparel...


Leland 9:51 PM  

I love it--if you can make a gay man's version (read: small), I'll buy it!

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