avec sa pêche

preview of a product from my new online store...

This one reminds me of underwater plantlife. You can't see it from this side but I've added a star bead which kind of looks like a starfish embedded in sand...

"my new online store" should really be taken loosely. because i have yet to install dreamweaver :P. i'll let you know how it goes dr barnett. More importantly, where am i installing dreamweaver you ask?? some of you may know that my iMac (lampshade generation) died a while ago. So i've been living on my sister's laptop (borrowed) a teeny sony vaio. This thing is tiny.
But I've decided to bite it and get a lap top of my own. (Trumpets please!)

a 15" powerbook, with added ram. woohoo!!


Doctor Barnett 10:32 AM  

No match for "AVECSAPECHE.COM".

Better get crackin', Steak!

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