quelle horreur!

although this is usually MrLittlePants' territory, I must address this: old meat


doctor barnett 5:43 PM  

The quote from the CEO of Gristede's is just vile. "The meat looks great. It looks as red as the day it was cut." Like I needed another reason to dislike big-G.

Tricking people's eyes about the age of slab of beef is just wrong, primally!

MrLittlePants 12:35 PM  

It is wrong, and it does seem gross, but I'm not that worried about it. Most people, especially here in New York, buy meat the day they intend to cook it. And I don't think anyone I know buys meat at Gristedes or DRAGostino, at least not beef. As for the tuna, which was a bit of a scandal last year, I can't afford tuna anyway. As long as we buy meat and fish from good places like Whole Foods and butcher shops and fish markets, we have nothing to fear.

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