i'm an awful awful person. but i really do love fur...
(i like fake fur too.)

click if you care to see how gorgeous these evil clothes are.

oh and i like those pants in the lower righthand corner.


Leland 7:00 PM  

I love fur, and I can't understand fake fur. Everyone always offers it up as a reasonable alternative. It's like fake meat. If you want to eat meat, just eat it. If you want to wear fur, save up and buy it. I don't care how much it looks and feels like the real thing; it doesn't matter. It's not the real thing. And if someone is anti-fur, he or she shouldn't wear fake fur, which from a distance will just look like real fur. So idiotic.

Gina Kay 11:21 AM  

I am trying to figure out how to douse your blog with red paint. ;) kidding. You'd look hot in some fur my lady.

vero 10:18 AM  

i love the way fur feels but dislike the smell. its like rubbing on an aneemal.... ooh i love those swooshy pants

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