I went to the costume store a while ago for a potential office prank. Didn't happen. But while I was there, I saw a bird hat. A little yarmulke with an elastic band to anchor around your chin, all under a nice fake colorful bird.
I'd like to go get this bird hat, and wear it everyday. If only the world wouldn't judge or if i wasn't so scared of the world judging - i would wear it all the time.


Gina Kay 11:59 AM  

If anyone can wear a bird on their head and look stunning in it, it is you my dear!

vero 10:17 AM  

it can be your thinking cap

bean 5:03 PM  

that would be a real feather in your cap. damn, im on fire with these animal metaphors! booyakasha!

bworth 3:27 PM  

um, i would judge you fabulous.
Not even crazy\fabulous (see Blow, Isabella). Just straight up featherheaded fabulous.

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