marky marc

It's true, I assumed there would be something a bit more exciting from Marc and it's probably because I'm a big fan. He's not for everyone. And he's not always on the mark (pun to be taken as you like it) - but overall he speaks to a generation through color, shape and lifestyle. I don't want my statement to be taken any more seriously than the world of apparel can be taken.

I decided that while I am enjoying his most recent show and see great potential in the wearability and the versatility in most of the clothing, I was reminded often of other famous people, characters and sometimes even inanimate objects. I thought I'd share those with you, just because it's more fun for me to do than repost what you can find anywhere else on the internet.


Anonymous 3:04 PM  

The "Wedding Favor" also brings to mind a Q-Tip.

bworth 3:42 PM  

The "wedding favor" made diet coke come out of my nose.

It's funny because it's true.

bean 2:58 PM  

rothko and donald are great. this is the type of added value i have come to expect from steakand.

Leland 11:39 PM  

Posts this brilliant keep us coming back for more steak.

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