models models everywhere!

oh my!
well it's new york fashion week as many of you may have not noticed. because well, it's low on the list of life priorities. but hey, what the hell.
i've perused style.com's organized compilation of shows thus far and a few things i've noticed.

Black and white graphics ----



---------------------------United Bamboo

But what kind of springtime is springtime without color? Alls I'm saying is that I'm glad I stocked up on my american apparel highlight tanks. They'll look great when paired with patterns like the ones above.


---------------------------Diane von Furstenburg

---------------------------Jenni Kayne

And remember, with spring comes birdies, bunnies and weddings but also the rebirth of your white clothing.

---------------------------Philip Lim 3.1

---------------------------Sari something or other..

---------------------------(i forgot)

In terms of shapes ladies, it's loose, baby doll, and best of all Comfortable! (warning: people may wonder if you are with child. don't take offense. it's trendy to look preggers apparently.)



---------------------------Sari again,

Oh and my pretties, there is so so much more!!! Don't you go away and get your fashion week nutrition elsewhere - i'll be posting again soon...


Gina Kay 12:26 PM  

oooh! love Tuleh and Sari. Nice picks.

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