Devastation and Heartbreak

If you know me and my habits, it would seem that I have hundreds of pairs of shoes in my closet. I have about 30 pairs, not too many not too little. I would say about half those shoes I have had since high school. About half are used/"vintage", about half are heels, about a third are hand-me-downs - visualize a venn diagram please. ANYWAY, you can imagine that each pair I own I really feel something special for each and every one of them. :D

Where am I going with this? I can't really write it here. It's too painful. Instead let me express myself through video from the help of our friend YouTube. (the sound is a little low.)

I can't even show you what happened to the marc jacobs.


Gina Kay 5:12 PM  

bb! you bad little sausage

HugeRash 2:22 AM  

liar! you don't wear wallabees!

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