since i can't afford to go to the french countryside right now, i can pretend can't i??

clockwise from left top: linen tablecloth, salt tub, enamel milk pots, lavendar water, utility box, door wedge all from the linen works.

on a food note, i cook dinner about 4 times a week (this is minus my past vacation week over xmas/new years where i indulged in late late brunches outside) - and i thought maybe i'd start including some of the things i make since it takes up a lot of my time and cooking is something i'm quite interested in. I am not going to start turning this into a food blog because others have that covered. but it wouldn't be such a reach to assume that people who appreciate art, craft and have a weakness for self-indulgence also enjoy a good plate of food.
no pictures yet.

sunday dinner:
side of curry pilaf rice
horseradish crusted pork chop
over roasted fennel with red onion


Chow 9:00 PM  

Can you cook dinner for me?

I had leftovers. They were rather...leftover.

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