One of earth's most perfect foods is ramen. I get a lot of looks from non-Asians about loving ramen. They think of the dry packaged stuff sold for $.60 in a bodega and of the food that kept them alive during their college years. This is not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about soft fresh noodles quickly softened in juicy, meaty broth sitting in the company of chunks of soft, fall apart in your mouth, fatty pork. Then peppered with chopped crispy scallions and often mushrooms to add a earthy smokey flavor. Top it off with a piece or slices of dried seaweed and a raw egg that poaches just enough to have a half cooked yolk that runs in your broth and you are in heaven.

In light of this information I've just shared with you I must admit something. That dried packaged stuff? Has a really special place in my heart. I love all the varieties - ichiban, kitsune, shinramen... so on so forth. I consider them a meal and cannot be convinced otherwise. So, I do have to point out the death of the man who shared his invention of ramen - keeping so many of us happy and fed.

monday dinner:
buffalo mozz. with stewed chunky tomatoes & fresh basil
over crispy chicken breast and pasta
(some would call this chicken parm but it really was so much more. ;P )


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