I'm reaching

On Wednesday evening, I had almost a whole bottle of white wine and I thought to myself - I really love American Idol. I should really blog about why American Idol is such an awesome show.
Then the next morning I was sober and I realized that there is no way I could make that work.

Then I came across beautiful furniture sites that sell in the UK and Sweden. And I thought, 'hey my reader(s) might want to hear about that!' But then I realized they were all from another blog so I should just hook you up with this hot blog happy accidents. (Gina those lamps made me think of you. Get on that sh*t!)

Basically the point is - that i'm reaching. I'm trying to find things to give you(s). This is what I've come up with ... Buddy, Walter and Jester.

Cmon. Everyone loves stuff on my cat.


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