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I know these have been posted on many blogs but I had to share my enthusiasm. When I have some extra money to blow (as if.) these will be up on my list.

EcoSphere is a calming balance of earth, water, air and life—all parts of a working self-sufficient ecosystem that’s much more than science; it’s an original work of art. Makes a unique gift for those who contemplate the mystery of life on our planet and enjoy the serenity of nature.
The delicate coexistence of animal and plant life (red shrimp, algae and microbes) thrives in the handblown glass sphere of seawater. It’s easy to care for—just provide sufficient light and enjoy the aesthetic blend of science and art, beauty and balance. This technology was developed by NASA scientists as part of a growing initiative to study our planet’s biosphere.


Gina Kay 1:16 PM  

These are beautiful! During my short stint at Montessori we made a more humble version of a substainable, enclosed ecosystem. I have often thought about giving it a go again.

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