recent aquisitions

A few weeks ago, stu and i picked this credenza(?) up off the street. We were a few drinks deep and the thing was really really heavy. but worth it. It now houses my fabrics and such. :D Also on Tuesday when I returned to work, my friendly UPS man brought me a box full of yarn, from smiley's.


Gina Kay 10:22 AM  

oh love that credenza!

lottie 11:29 AM  

I love your sideboard. And you found it out on the street? That's amazing - would never happen in London!

Jeannie 11:00 AM  

Hi lottie,
yeah it's amazing. it's called dumpster diving! although there are no dumpsters or diving involved - hopefully. This lucky credenza was sitting on our corner with a little sign on it, 'free - clean, new, take me!"
so basically it was asking for it.

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