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I'm in love with this great project from wary meyers (warymayers.com). A salvaged dresser, the only expense was some paint and two pine boards.

The item: A maple veneer dresser with knobless drawers

The process: “Using a scroll saw, we jigsawed out the words from two pine boards. Then we sanded down the dresser, painted it deep green and screwed the script—which we painted white—into each drawer.”

The materials: Two 2" x 8" x 8" pine boards ($12 each), white glossy paint ($9) and Ryobi scroll saw ($100); all at Home Depot (homedepot.com). Green, black and blue paints ($5 each) at Artists & Craftsmen (761 Metropolitan Ave between Graham Ave and Humboldt St, Williamsburg, Brooklyn; 718-782-7765).

I might have to steal this idea.


Gina Kay 3:20 PM  

omg. that is one of those ideas that I wish I would have come up with!
You should do it to it.

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