I have a bookmark folder on my browser entitled "wants." I stole the idea a while from my friend Molly who is ridiculously organized. Anywho, I was going through it this morning wondering if I should clean it out - any products now gone, or trends I mistakenly thought i coveted a while ago. Going through it, I wanted to share some of them with you. Undoubtedly I have found most of the "wants" through the other lovely blogs I read on a daily basis, so although i can't remember which ones gave me which ideas now, a thank you goes out to them.

from Brahms Mount, a great company in Maine that sells really nice earthy throw blankets. They're not cheap but the sale prices are great - there are ones for about $55. Stu bought one for us recently and i love it!

from Marielle Van Herpen - don't these little totes look like you could drape them over your horse and go on a safari? or over your shoulder and you could go on a little urban photography safari? well anywho she's sort of a conceptual bag maker. check out the other stuff on the site.

and finally from Paper Relics - for all you collage loving folks out there, packets of paper, sheet music, other ephemera :) I suppose you could just frame some of these as well.


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