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"ohmygodmagnoliacupcakes!!" almost every time i pass magnolia and its gargantuan line i can hear someone utter under their breath 'they're not THAT good.' maybe it's just me in my head, or m.chow, with whom i'm almost usually walking past the bakery. (but she's just bitter because she once worked there and started to loathe sugary frosted goodness with all her heart.)

anywhoo, i feel like, about 2005ish, all of a sudden it became really annoyingly popular to LOVE/HEART/OHMIGOD cupcakes. it's this odd guilty, lolita-esque, down-homey, suburbian pleasure that has become popular in various parts of our 20something world. (plastic heart shape sunglasses anyone?) personally, i'll take a beard papa's cream puff over a cupcake any day.

right so back on track, i heard a bit ago that the famous paris bakery, La Duree is coming to the states and bringing us an old time favorite, the macaroon. Domino mag is right, the pastel pastries will be quite reminiscent of marie antoinette of dunst/coppola fame. mark my words, hipsters and the like will be wolfing down a macaroon or two before you can say ohmygodmagnoliacupcakes...
i'm not above it, i'll try one, or three.

image via kuidaore

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