Curtains are difficult for me. It's hard not to choose them by the same method I choose my clothing - "ooh purty color. what size is it? yay!"
But curtains should really not be chosen this way. A lot has to be considered, the rest of the crap in the room - color, patterns, clutter, how much sunlight you want to block out, how big the room is... the list goes on.
I window shopped on reprodepot to see if there was anything new that would spark my interest. Maybe I'll make my new curtains ... maybe i said! don't hold me to it! gah!

Of course Amy Butler as usual, had adorable prints that I thought, if the right pattern size, could work.

I also apologize for not writing in a while. work has been crazy and it's left me with little energy to make/eat/write anything.


Gina Kay 12:27 PM  

will they send samples of the fabric?

Jeannie 5:57 PM  

i'm going to look into that... it would definitely help!

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