my tomorrow

I would wake up in my house on the beach looking out onto a breezy atlantic ocean. make breakfast with stuart while the pups played on the beach. we would eat it outside. then we would take a bike ride on a quiet and empty road. i would go to the market and invite friends over for dinner. i would spend the afternoon sewing with the sun streaming in and all the windows open and soon dinner guest would pile in laughing and bearing wine. we would eat outside - a feast where everyone would eat to enjoy! - trade stories and secrets. then after everyone left stu and i would read and then fall asleep with the pups at our feet.

basically, simple and fun and with loved ones. i liked to imagine something more possible than the fantastical just because i like to know that one day i can achieve my perfect day.


metempsychosis 6:45 PM  

But what happens once you've done it? Keeping the real idealized perfection deep in your heart for motivation I assume?

Jeannie 9:45 AM  

no silly rabbit. as a lovely memory only. then if able to do anything again tomorrow and tomorrow i would eventually have to stop thinking of myself because vacation days no longer become keep their value when they are abundant. it would serve my life to use my tomorrows to better others' lives.
this amazing opportunity becomes not so different from real life when thought of multiple tomorrows...

Leland 8:00 AM  

I'll bring the wine!

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