would you tell me?

"If you could is an annual publication set up by designers Will Hudson and Alex Bec."

Stu sent me their second issue which includes gorgeous prints answering the question "If you could do anything tomorrow what would it be?"

from the possible,
George Adams:read a book and Kerry Roper:stay in bed

to the playful,
Emily Forgot: play and Rachel Domm:have fun

We've all thought these before...
Marc Pawson:if you could do anything tomorrow and Andy Rementer:le jour parfait

and those who want to save the world,
Mick Marston:stop animal cruelty and James Joyce:put the world back together

I imagine some have a story,
Adam Hayes:with you again and Samuel Bebbington:not regret my anwser

and others who can still wish like when we were kids,
Graham Rawle:off to see the wizard and Paul Burgess:to be serge for a day

if you could do anything tomorrow what would it be?
Please leave answers in comment box.


bean 6:10 PM  

GREAT question. id take an all-day, intensive sailing course on lake okeechobee so that by the end of the day id be capable enough to get myself out on the water a bit, go around at an ok clip, and come back safely. i used to sail a lot at summer camp, and i loved it, and id like to reacquaint myself with that great nature/man-combining forces feeling. learning to surf would be a close second, for the same reason.

LOVE this post.

Gina Kay 11:34 AM  

I would spend the day doing a project/ making something with my favorite friends. We would only stop to make food and have a few drinks.
Maybe we would make giant illuminated fabric shapes, eat nachos and drink sangria.

Gina Kay 11:57 AM  

I might also like to eat beets with goat cheese

Chris 12:01 PM  

I would sit on a tropical beach with a sketchbook, a few friends and a large coconut full of some kind of alcohol.

Melissa 12:08 PM  

The day wouldn't be long enough..

cook with friends and family

go surfing again

finally have an answer for what I want to do for a living.

that and so much more!

daye 12:31 PM  

well... gina says i should post my answer... if i could do anything tomorrow i would wake up in senegal, pick up my camera and head out to mali for the festival du desert... filming everything and everyone on my trek to amazing west african music...

stu 1:54 PM  

I would wake up in Paris, and relive the trip all over again.

brando 4:30 AM  

First, I'd be in Atlanta on one of those cool, late spring days.

I would begin the day alone in the morning eating Raisin Bran with milk that's been chilled in the freezer while everyone else is sleeping- taking in the sunrise. And if I could, each hour of the day would be spent with a different crush I had and we'd do whatever... sex and cuddling preferably or just me admiring them.

The only other hours I would ask to myself would be at dusk and at midnight when it's best to ride around the city with the windows down- warm & (unable to find a word to describe this feeling) at dusk and cool and dreamy at night.

I am to be treating this like it's my last day?

Joanna Goddard 5:47 PM  

these are fabulous! great find. i would sail and walk the cliffs with my family in cornwall. love those prints. thanks!

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