painter's tape

Stu and I painted the hallway this weekend. Blue!
I really must provide better lit pics than this. as with flash it looks like the blue from painter's tape blue - which it is not. and without flash it just is too dark to even see. but this is to tide a certain someone over until i get a proper picture. (just kidding!i love you certain someone!)

with flash in progress.
in progress

without flash.

will provide better pics and the picture that inspired it all soon.


certain someone 4:56 PM  

oooooooh! aaaaaahhhhhh! looks good especially with your nice paneling and framed art. I am very happy to see these photos.

Joanna Goddard 4:53 PM  

fun! painting is hard but awesome when you're done.

stu 5:01 PM  

my arm hurts

bo 11:36 AM  

i love the blue wall. i loveet. i do. i would do that to my wall if i had my own wall. yes.

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