The Obsession is quieted...for now

Remember when I was like I love those "gem" hair pins? No? That's ok.
Well I did and at a price of $175 per - I only appreciated from afar. As some of you may know MJ has an accessories store here in nyc with his marc by marc shoes and bags etc. but also bins full of fun little chotchkes, like MJ condoms, tote bags, plastic jewelry ... but when i recently trotted by the item that caught my eye was $5 gem hair pins. I'm not really sure what happened here, alls I know is if I was someone who shelled out 35 times as much as they are now being offered for I would be pretty pissed.

The unreasonably priced ones on the left and his curiously cheaper versions on the right.


stu 5:00 PM  

i saw those in the magazine on the floor of the bathroom and i was like Jeaanie spen't over a hundie on those, but she said 5 bucks. I'm sure the peopel who paid full price are crying right now.

Joanna Goddard 9:25 PM  

that's awesome.

also, i'm tagging you!
go here to see what it means:


bo 10:01 AM  

i'm not sure i dig these big jewel hair things. but i know you would totally rock them and then you would influence other girls who wouldn't rock them one bit and they would start wearing them and then you would have, ironically, contributed to the aesthetic downfall of nyc.
BUT. at 5 bucks, what the "feck"?

Jessica 7:52 PM  

I love it! I went to M&J trimming and bought the gems and the hair combs.. I will post the finished product to see what you think. I love the jeweled headband in the show and plan to make that as well.

thanks for the reminder and inspiration!

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