i can't be stopped

Melissa has great style and taste so it wasn't easy for me to go 'shopping' for her. But I managed :D

My version of Mel likes Doo.Ri, Philip Lim, Vera Wang (who would have thunk?), Giambattista Valli, Marc Jacobs, Dries Van Noten, Chloe, and Lela Rose.


There are a few items I think Mel might think I'm crazy for thinking she'd wear. But I couldn't help but think she'd look pretty damn hot in them.


bean 2:14 PM  

do me do me!

Melissa 2:53 PM  

I love it!

Can you provide the actual clothes for me too?

Gina Kay 2:58 PM  

you are a pro ms. steak n potatoes! v. accurate.

brando 4:10 AM  

i want to be nexted too

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