Pretty woman

I pretended I was Richard Gere and Gina was my whore. Except I that I can't really shop for reals for her and she's not really a prostitute with a heart of gold.
So we made do and I (photo)shopped for her (hah!) and she teased her hair real big and wore patent leather boots for me. Ok. So she didn't but it's a funny idea.
Anywho, it seems that I've exhausted 'shopping' for myself and decided to move onto the next person who was willing to let me do this. I didn't exactly "ask" permission but she's my friend and thus kind of like my Barbie doll and this is to be expected really...


Gina® from Mattel likes balenciaga, max mara, vivenne westwood, marni, vena cava, yohji, chloe. These choices were based on what I think she likes, what I like to see her in and things that in general seem to be inspired by her - patterns, waist cinchers, slightly tom boyish pants, dramatic shapes and hot colors.


Gina Kay 11:41 AM  

OH! oh. I gotta say A. these clothes are tot. hot, I love them. The collars too. I feel comfortable in a collar but don't always like the convention of the button up. B. I feel so special. Thanks! You know I'd tease my hair for you ;)

bean 4:11 PM  

who is she, cinderfuckinrella?! ;)

Joanna Goddard 11:26 AM  

waht a fun idea!

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