This week I discovered two photographers i love. They happen to be represented in the states by the same agency. pure coincidence. or not?

Laura Letinsky
I'm awaiting her next show in NY.
Also awaiting a chance to buy a print.


Bob Miller
Check out his site - he has loving descriptions for each of his photos. so sweet!



bean 11:57 AM  

the second photo is hopper-esque. i love it.

Gina Kay 5:53 PM  

wow. the laura letinsky is beautiful. it soft and uniquely flat. its like a still life painting. I think its the colors that are creating that effect. they are so purposefully harmonious; there is little change in value.

Joanna Goddard 10:46 AM  

if you like laura, you might like these other photogs who find beauty in everyday life:


they are less intricate and fine-art-y, but also simple and beautiful....

Jeannie 10:50 AM  

thanks joanna. i've seen these actually! the "visual blogging"site is great - beautiful photos.
i find them to be quite different from laura actually . or at least the reasons i like laura are missing in these photos. if you like her do a bit of a google search - there are great essays on her with more images and nice catalogues from galleries recounting her shows.

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