pitagora suichi!

I had to dig up my knowledge of japanese - minimal as i only studied it for two years. but i finally looked up what they kept exclaiming on this video.
Pythagora's Switch!
A Japanese puppet show, calld Pythagora's Switch, has intro and outro segments showing "homemade" Rube Goldberg Pythagorean Devices. You gotta see for yourself. I could watch them all day long...


Gina Kay 1:07 PM  

Thanks. this is great! I could watch them all day. How do the Japanese do it?! they combine intelligence with cuteness unlike any other.

bean 1:19 PM  

every time they sing the little jingle i crack up. it seems to surprise me every time.

stu 4:14 PM  

this makes me want to cry. In a good way.

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