post of subdued colors...

Melissa was kind enough to lend me her new (used) book Sunset Crochet: Techniques and Projects. Originally published in 1975, this book is a culmination of patterns submitted by "expert" crochet-ers from around the whole.. state of california.
I thought I should share.

This may be "Necklace of subdued colors" but i like to think of this one as "Dreamcatcher On My Heart."
dreamcatcher necklace

This one, well just kind of scares me. It makes me really think the 70s was a special time...

crazy jackets

Tight pants hottie alert!(holy feathered hair)

random dude

and finally, fun for the whole family!

Various hats

There are so many more I didn't have time to scan. Just let me know if you need a pattern for a crocheted tie or a vest that looks like a strawberry.


bean 11:15 AM  

simply amazing.

stu 12:24 PM  

I told you, white jeans.

Gina Kay 1:17 PM  

I just spotted my christmas present... I hope...

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