i can't wait

for people to stop wearing the big blobby dresses - just like any trend that's been reinterpreted over and over by major retailers - people will purchase in any form or color or pattern without any thought to what fits or suits them.

karl lagerfeld/carolina herrera/peter som spring 2007

mind you, i know many people who look great in these and i think will continue to look great (i alas am not one of them, perhaps which is why i hate this trend. :D ), but i am ready for a change people!!

and it's coming soon - to a fall weather city near you. look at what the same designers from above foresaw for our colder weather:

karl lagerfeld/carolina herrera/peter som fall 2007

what a difference a season makes no?
it's all about the belts, shifts and sleeves.
work it out ladies!


Gina Kay 3:27 PM  

ooh I didn't know before that I loved peter som.
yes yes, ready for fall fashion!

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