Rachel Comey - new favorite! I always liked her slightly sweet but rebellious look. but this spring 2008 show really got me very excited. I've never wanted to wear my glasses more than now.
Florals with a lotta leg, glasses with a tight skirt, bustier with what my mother would call "sea foam green" pants, and high-waisted with a see through top.
I love the balance. and all these colors are killing me!



Gina Kay 12:49 PM  

freakin love this collection! also v.v. cool photo layout :D

Bworth 2:27 PM  

So that's how you can wear sea-foam green, and a bustier, and high waist pants — Thanks for posting!

*And also loving the photo layouts! All of them.

Gina Kay 3:03 PM  

Would the clothes look just horrible if the women weren't emaciated? Why do we celebrate designers that don't celebrate the majority of us? so funny. Maybe this is what makes it fashion an art and not design.

Jeannie 3:17 PM  

i agree.
this is why certain designers stand the test of time and women of all ages can wear them. often these designers are male and italian. they just understand the woman's body.

stu 4:00 PM  

glasses rule!

ed 12:06 PM  

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