ny fashion week day 1

It's already day two today of ny fashion week and I have a lot to cover. I'll start with two designers from yesterday - I was interested in seeing Vena Cava, they've had such a great year.

I'm loving the chartreuse and the alphabet print. it's very... japanese.
very '90s. i'm feeling it. Love that leather jacket too.

Vena Cava

Marchesa - a favorite of many actresses looking for party/event dresses, and rightly so. I took it upon myself to make a few suggestions.


maybe, halle and nicole should swap dresses. hmmm


bean 12:47 PM  

you make joan & mel rivers look like they have the fashion sense of rivers cuomo. i cant believe they were replaced by lisa rinna, and not jeannie kimma!

Bworth 2:30 PM  

damn you, kirsten dunst, for stealing my dream dress! That's the loveliest dress I've seen thus far — and the back is cut super low, which makes it even lovelier.

Chubbyspace 2:56 PM  

mmm..no I think you did well. Great with the matching of personalities. Nicole needs a little flair in the skirt. And Halley needs the color. You are so good with these collages!

Pete 1:09 PM  

there is something Japanese in the air, at least for day 1. the top left evening dress could, of course, be spotted anywhere classy. the bottom 2 right are high street fashion, very in. the top 2 right are timeless, in the sense of being so utterly detached that to spot them at some trendy party would immediately locate the wearer in a realm of pure irony and intentional detachment so as to warrant a raised eyebrow on the part of the eager conversationalist. the bottom left is, a mistake.

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