Branding New York

I would be interested in seeing my designer/creative friends join in the effort to redesign this logo. (click on logo) Stu and I were just talking last weekend about how hideous this logo is. I agree with one commenter - it looks like a sitcom taxi! And the first group of redesigns.


bean 12:15 PM  

i have noticed this abomination as well. as for the redesigns: 'it's obviously a taxi' is hilarious. the statue of liberty one is absurd. i mean, it looks cool, but are we really gonna associate the right to an overpriced, death-defying cab ride with liberty? i dont care much about the logo. i just think the cabs should all have a ring of black-and-white checkerboard around them, like the great checker cabs of yore. that ring was eminently recognizable, and it had a certain look which was very new york.

Gina Kay 9:40 PM  

I have been thinking about this post and the taxi logo. Is there a chance that someone will find themselves on the streets of New York in need of a cab and yet not realize that they are in fact in New York? But not for you to be mistaken about my own pride in the city. Every time I write my address, be it work or home, I feel a sense of pride to be taking part in such a great city.
I believe that New York is established enough to go without saying. Maybe the question for the design is: "What is really needed?" I think the cab number is pretty important. That is its nature. I am hailing a cab, I see yellow and check the top to see if its vacant. However, a mark is needed to communicate in other formats. In respect to the mark I really like the unique approaches of James Jardee and Franz Schnaas in the article you linked. Cause why not? New York is always changing. I think if we combined Colby's love of the checkered pattern and Franz Schnaas' trajectory-plot-theme logo in neon pink we've got ourselves a totally bitchin look.

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