new york magazine

NY Mag has a personal shopper column, where they scour the streets for a price range and style range of popular items. Boots, Coats, lamps, rugs, etc etc blah blah.
while i'm not in the market for a new coat i perused the options and picked my faves out of the bunch. not the best out there but i'm a firm believer in waiting until oct/nov to start your winter shopping. if you're going to any at all...


hm. it occurs to me from this compilation, that i must be a dramatic sleeve/collar fan. I am my mother's daughter...


stu 3:05 PM  

YOu are!

Gina Kay 3:55 PM  

First of all I love that expression. Also I think your moms is pretty coooool. Lastly, I like the top and mid right picks. thanks

Jessica 3:42 PM  

I am right there with you. I am all about the collar and the sleeve.

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