Something just occurred to me.
For the past three halloween's that i've dressed in costume, my hair has been the framework for flowers or butterflies or both.
Courtesy of Hana, I've had a lovely party to go to every year and they usually came with a theme. This past year was flora y fauna and i can't say enough about how convenient that was for me.

It also occurred to me that people in the past have done it before (see below.) I don't think I'm in the same category as these women but I do see a floral resemblance. ;) Frida Khalo being one obvious and huge influence as well but since I dressed up as her I figured an image would be redundant. Regarding inspirations, I had that vintage Vogue cover in my files for a while now, hoping to do something with it. Unconsciously I must have, as I had forgotten all about it until now!


I must like to adorn myself - whether it's because i like to be amongst pretty things, or distract from my face, or hide behind accessories, I can't qualify for you. How about I not question it but plan the next floral fest for next year?

PS i miss that unibrow


Victoria 4:03 PM  

I LOVE the picture of Dita Von Teese. Thanks for the earmuff link. Very much appreciated!

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