Holiday hell

Remember that first Christmas when you realized it's really more of a pain in the ass than anything else? Yeah sad day wasn't it? Running around finding gifts, trying to get your errands done, hanging out with Aunt Bessie who's in town with her new man friend, unloading your months salary on plane tickets, fighting people on the streets and in the stores for useless crap you don't even want to buy - are you cringing yet?

Ok, ok. I don't want to be a pooper but these days can be really stressful and difficult to handle. (Fortunately for amazon and the internet I've already finished shopping. jealous?) While I have been running around lately lookin' a little haggard, I'm trying to get it together and bestow a gift to all (2) of you also via internet. My gift is inspiration for all of us out there when we have to look presentable during the holidays for family, friends and ourselves. They will be in the form of head to toe outfits for every occassion I find comes up during this coming month.

I hope you enjoy and have fun!


Gina 2:38 PM  

HATE is a such strong word that should be reserved for such annual social fits.

stu 4:09 PM  

shoot your eye out

Joanna Goddard 11:56 AM  

this is the coolest feature ever!

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