Best of formal

Frankly, formal was mostly 'meh.' But I look forward to fall formal and we've got to start somewhere no?

clockwise from top left
Bill Blass / Dolce & Gabbana / Monique L'huillier / Versace / Balenciaga / Oscar de la Renta

1. very 1920's i'm feeling the hair with this dress.
2. beautiful green, a little saggy on the model no?
3. somewhere not so deep down i still would love to be a fairy
4. the structure reminds me of fossils. in the best way possible.
5. nicholas just does an amazing job with shape
6. modern oscar - very pretty


Miss Woo 1:09 PM  

The Balenciaga dress is amazing, though knowing me, if I ever wear something like that to a formal event, I'll probably end up spilling drinks on it.

Joanna Goddard 2:13 PM  

the Oscar de la Renta looks really fun to wear. like it a lot.

but you're right, formal is def blah compared to the others....

thanks for the round-up xoxo

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