busy hands

i've been keeping busy at my first real sewing attempt. yeah sewing pant hems is good and all but this time i used built by wendy's shirt pattern and made myself a sleeveless shirt. maybe next time i'll go for the sleeves + mega insanity of cuffs. I went to mood and with a little help from wendy and my friend amy i made the liberty shirt that i've been looking for. ebay has come up a little short and even laura ashley has bagged the florals. i had no choice but to make it myself!


i haven't quite finished it - no final hem and my machine doesn't have a buttonhole foot. but more or less - it's 90% done. will post the final update soon.
like my new glasses??? :)


Bworth 10:02 AM  

congrats! that collar isn't easy, and it looks fabulous.

Gina 11:54 AM  

wow! impressive
love that print!

The Great Mistake of 1898 12:02 PM  

personally I'm jealous of the facial hair, I can't do that with mine..

m.c 1:27 PM  

So cute! I want one! Can you make me some of those glasses too?

stugert 1:41 PM  

Love the horns.

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