Best use of black and white

Bill Blass / Michael Kors / Chanel

1. loving the length of the jacket vs. the height of the pants
2. adore seams down front of the skirt
3. love the mod suit in combo with head scarf


Bworth 12:29 PM  

yes please, these are all lovely! How is it that the Bill Blass outfit with the tie blouse looks striking — and not at all like a secretary OR Colonel Sanders?

Gina Kay 12:55 PM  

I am with you on the jacket-pants combo. However, I am surprisingly not feeling kors. Now, I am relieved to see that we are letting up on the patternmania cause I just couldn't get into it anymore. I like the last one: some detail on the shirt and the shoe... nice.

Joanna Goddard 2:12 PM  

the middle one, stunning! gina and i are not agreeing on these:)

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