Best use of color

clockwise from top left:
Chloé / Oscar de la Renta / Vera Wang / Missoni / Zac Posen / Dolce & Gabbana

1. velvet green yum.
2. eggplant, beets and lime. good food and good outfit.
3. really love this silhouette.
4. everything about this dress makes me really happy. this whole thing is channeling marni for me very much.
5. he described this collection as poodle ballet - i'm really feeling that here.
6. this dress feels like the future to me.


WendyB 10:54 AM  

#2 is my favorite

Gina Kay 11:11 AM  

Me too Wendy! With the D&G finishing in a close 2nd. Thanks Jeannius

Joanna Goddard 2:11 PM  

the zac posen is my fave by far. i love love.

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