BAD me

I'm a bad girl.
I have left you with no steak and potatoes. I'm sure you survived on other forms of e-food.

i've been busy with personal projects and work and the like. but i wanted to leave you with a moment i had whilst perusing house of holland's show.


clueless holland


Jessica 10:45 AM  

there was nothing good at London fashion week yesterday...I was disappointed!!

what do you think?

Gina Kay 10:48 AM  

I wish big cell phones would come back in style

Jeannie 10:53 AM  

jessica: i wasn't excited either :( hopefully the best has yet to come

gina: you can bring em back!

Miss Woo 11:25 AM  

Clueless! Ah bring back memories. I see Henry Holland is branching out to eye patches now, he should do slogan ones.

bean 1:34 PM  

uh - the eye patch? really?

Joanna Goddard 11:11 PM  

very cute. i would wear those short plaid skirts.

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