I know we've known delia's as, perhaps an embarrassing, but effective go-to for cheap fun stuff but dare I say I could actually purchase shoes from here??
all for under $40. is it so wrong it's right or does it not matter at these prices???



Gina 4:54 PM  

wow. impressive. I like the bottom right

Jessica 5:12 PM  

these are actually quite adorable. I love the shoes ont he bottom...


Melissa C 9:33 PM  

I love the yellow flat ones!

All very cute.

lalaliu 5:02 AM  

i love that bottom left one. so much!! All I have to do is learn how to not fall when wearing heels!

Miss Woo 1:36 PM  

I want the sandals in the first picture. 40s dollars aint to bad, certainly cheaper than the UK.

bean 9:00 AM  

there should be a reason this blog is called steak and potatoes and not veal and truffles. ie, it shouldnt thumb its nose at value.

Joanna Goddard 2:26 PM  

i bought a dress from them recently. i felt weird but who cares? these are so cute!!

Heather 5:32 PM  

I do still dig Delia's. It's one of my go-to "I'm bored" sites.

Bworth 4:58 PM  

hot! i love the sandals on the upper right - could they be as cute in person as they are in the catalog?

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