I couldn't leave my male readers in the lurch.

All in all folks, the coming spring season was made for Johnny Depp. And really, who can blame designers?


Ah,you want the details you say?? Ok, let's review shall we?

The first thing I couldn't ignore was men's waists. Not really an asset that most men accentuate but if you're trim and you want to show that off this is the season to do so. The largest change is in the suit jacket. There really is a nip right there in the true waist - I love the retro feeling this gives. But it doesn't stop there, shorter sweaters, higher waisted pleated pants, tucked in t-shirts - they all draw attention to the waist.


Next, the spring jacket. Go short or go long but not in between. I want to see your belt with those short jackets. If that's too bold then the jacket should go closer to the knee than to the hips - and stay easy breezy with the fabrics on long jackets. It should shield you from shore breezes not from winter chills.


Color you say? A big trend that I love, lavender!! it's not a pure purple but a bit dusty. Gives me the feeling of being faded in the sun.


And I briefly mentioned pants but to go with your new waistline you'll want a higher pant. Flat front is still fine so don't feel obligated to toss those out. But pleated does look more comfortable for the warmer weather, it gives ease to move around I would imagine. (and more room for all your crap in your pockets.) And the ankle should be narrower than the thigh, much narrower. That goes for flat front or pleated. Side bar - please wear slim shoes. Square or chunky toes need not apply...


And don't mistake this post to say you must go designer to look this good. I know a guy that has little money to spend on clothing but always looks great because he knows his shape and size and everything always fits perfectly but never looks like it was stolen from a mannequin- that's good style. ;)

all images from men.style.com
clothing from Lanvin / Paul Smith / YSL / Bottega Venetta / John Galliano / JP Gaultier / Dries Van Noten / Burberry


L 8:42 AM  

But high waisted pants and short jackets are uncomfortable! :( I don't like having my high-ass waist all exposed to the world. It makes my legs look ridiculously long, which in fact they are.

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