how i wish i could dress everyday.

leather jacket lfz

from la garçonne


CoutureCarrie 1:20 PM  

Loving that vest!

Miss Woo 2:47 PM  

That's quite a snazzy leather vest there, but what to wear with?

and btw, thanks for sending me the links on the floral nikes :) They are sadly a bit small for me, but so close!

Vain and Vapid 4:43 PM  

Rick Owens? Totally love his stuff.

Jeannie 5:47 PM  

v&v - it's actually alexander wang - but it certainly does look like rick's work doesn't it?

miss woo - personally i would wear it with loose tank tops, wide leg slacks; dark denim and fuzzy sweaters. i'd wear it every day!!

L.Cerre 12:15 PM  

love the vest. very ysl --- lee

Jessica 2:32 PM  

beautiful outfit. I lvoe the worn out leather

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