The O.Z.

betsey johnson and 19 other designers are reinventing the ruby slipper to commemorate the 70th(!) anniversary of the film.
This movie has inspired tons of fashion designers and remakes. There is something very special about it. I might have to rent it again!

sidebar: My first roommate in college was OBSESSED with this movie. we had paraphernalia everywhere in our dorm room. so i've since stayed away. i might be ready to revisit.


Joanna Goddard 12:24 PM  

what a fun idea. your roommate sounds crazy.

Joanna Goddard 4:01 PM  

yes, so nice to run into you two! hope you had a good weekend. it was soooo hot on sunday that we bailed on going swimming in red hook. TOO HOT TO SWIM! that is crazy.

have a nice week xoxo

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