How I've been spending my time

Other than my internship I've been back in the studio working on some jewelry. I don't have access to the studio more than twice a week for a few hours so things go a bit slowly. It would be nice to have my own space but I'm not quite at that point yet... Here's to hoping!

making cuff

This is a photo of a real troublemaker. I've since put it aside because I ran into problems with it and I can't bring myself to deal with it. But this week I'm back at it. Wish me luck.....


Gina Kay 12:50 PM  

NICE! Your tools look tough.

style-for-style 2:12 PM  

What are you making? do you have a shop.

Jeannie 7:31 PM  

SforS thanks for stopping by... I don't have a store yet but hopefully if all goes planned then I will soon! be sure to check in again for progress.

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