This is the beginnings of a mood board I'm trying to build as inspiration... I have to admit it's a little weird posting things like this. I never know if I feel comfortable about it. I kind of feel exposed. I guess i have to admit it's all a work in progress and nothing is ever really finished so I should just let go.


Click to view larger.

pics from various places, including the sartorialist.


susan 7:58 PM  

it's great seeing what people are inspired by. i love how classic and autumnal everything feels.

brando 9:57 PM  

Is this a mood board for accessories or apparel? Nice mix!

Honeymoon registry 1:40 AM  

Desirable Collections you got.. Kinda interested of it specially the elephant lock. old things are meant to be appreciated! Thanks a lot!

Honeymoon registry

Kimia Kline 2:26 AM  

love it. no one ever does "mood" boards--great idea.

susan 2:57 PM  

have you been working on your jewelry? would love to see photos.


Anonymous 4:07 PM  

love the elephant!


Janssen 6:37 PM  

I love that elephant keyhole!

Wow Thinking 3:41 AM  

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