damned olivia!

last week i purchased and just received my beautiful damned dolly, olivia. I saw these at renegade craft fair last year in bklyn. (which i'm going to participate in again this year.) and since then couldn't forget about them. They are all handmade to order!

check her out:

she even comes with her own little ''traveling'' box.
Today I'm going to go to B&N and try and find a website shops for dummies book.


Anonymous 12:26 AM  


Kindly change the title of the link connecting your blog to bluebasilica from "classy" to anything else that does not constitute a misappropriation of my trademarked phrase. I do not want anyone getting the misimpression that I am in any way affiliated with or contributing to that website. Ironically, continuing perpetration of such blatant intellectual piracy is anything but classy.



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