dream weaver...

i think i may have to buy dreamweaver 8. web sites here i come!
tonight, i will take pictures of what i've been working on lately...

also please check out www.neetmagazine.com
I'm really excited about the idea of an online magazine devoted to small businesses and their own handiwork. Large fashion magazines such as Elle and Vogue have little sections calling out 'new artists.' it is usually the case that these 'new artists' are actually pretty successful new fashion designers with a label and a factory already churning out their designs.
there is nothing wrong with that per se, but i am hungry for tiny names with big skills. 'naw MEAN?


doctor barnett 4:52 PM  

What, iWeb isn't good enough for you?

Jeannie 4:58 PM  

hm. i didn't know it existed to be honest.
is it any good??

Jeannie 5:02 PM  

i need to create online store, and it looks like iweb doesn't do that. is that right?

Doctor Barnett 9:25 AM  

Yeah that's a little beyond iWeb, which I haven't used either but I hear it's pretty good at the basics. dw probably has some store templates, though that or anything else will have to be hooked up to a database actually record transactions.

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