Sometimes I think I'm cultivating myself to be an acceptable housewife. I can hem pants, knit a scarf, draw a pretty picture and I can cook a steak. But I can't really say I do any of these things really well. But damnit, I could totally hang out with a Jane Austen character and be their best friend!
Next I'll be reading poetry aloud in the garden. No fear my dears, I'm not down on myself about being a dilettante, I instead will use this realization to become a fierce (fill in the blank) - whatever it is I choose to focus on! Watch out (insert) world, I'm comin'!


vero 12:04 PM  

i can't hem, knit or draw...i'd marry you! ;)

Gina Kay 9:11 PM  

Follow your bliss and doors will open
where there were no doors before.
- Joseph Campbell

bean 5:08 PM  

i applaud your use of dilettante. no philistine, you!

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