miss midas

So. I really really want to take another jewelry class from Studio 174. I've taken two classes using silver for all the pieces made. This time I'd like to take the gold class - as some may know, i usually only wear gold. It doesn't really matter what I like to wear as I'd like to sell or give away the pieces I make anyway but the problem is that I really don't know how to make attractive silver pieces. Anyway, gold is really expensive these days, about $300-$400 worth of gold is needed for the class, which also happens $400 itself. I know. This is a whole lot of money to shell out for a hobby. But I keep telling myself that the amount of gold you get for $400 can make thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. Seriously, I can make a ring right now worth about $3000! nutty. But. as we all know to well, you need money to make money. UGH. can't i just live on an island fashioning reed rings for the locals?

Hey Sgt Brown! No one will notice if you take just a lil bit... share that hussein gold!


vero 10:15 AM  

man i love this guy's stance...i say you do it and sell a few to make up for at least class cost + materials. i wanna learn to sew for $400 when my parents learned it for free at the 'shops'...so funny its in vogue now

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