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I haven't given you a favorite product in a while. My per annum city diary saves me almost on a daily basis. The museum listings, the major shops and the maps in the back i would be dead without. It even has a handy 'address calculator' - you know you've run out without writing down the cross street and spent most of the time trudging across town. for instance, if the address is 108 5th ave. you have to drop the last number - 10 - halve - 5 then add 11 = that's 16th st. woohoo!

The number you add varies of course which is why i would never ever ever remember that equation for all the avenues in ny. and i love the gilded edges on the calendar's tissuey paper :D Also, how could i forget, the handy dandy subway map, requiring no unfolding or hanging over someone on the train trying not to get your boobs in their face.

oh and also it's under $20 - they have them at kate's, ai friedman etc. I got my calendar for 2007 in pink this time.


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