I'm it.

Well well well. tagged eh?? This makes me feel like a Very Official Blogger. Thanks JoannaG.

darth vadar

1. "Would you like sparkling, flat or (frown) just plain ol' cheapskate tap water?"
I order tap over sparkling water 90% of the time in restaurants. I do because I feel like the restaurant is trying to pull the wool over my eyes and charge me for water. this is ridiculous because I like sparkling water.*

2. I really like spam. It can't be helped as I am Korean.

3. I can't be bothered to open PDF's in acrobat reader. It takes forever to open and it's an ugly application. Instead I go for Preview. It's really the best.

4. My motivation to exercise is less about "discipline" or "health" but more about "jiggliness" and "mush." This may make me a bad person.

5. I like to blame all my annoying habits on my zodiac sign.

6. I'm currently overthinking this whole tagging thing.

7. I don't like long walks on the beach. I do like standing on the beach though.

8. I wish I was the first person to think of every good idea ever. Wouldn't it be cool to be like "I discovered engineering, the hippocampus, the moss stitch, high heels, civil rights, and grilled cheese."?

*Edit: it seems I have an ally in Bruni.


Gina Kay 10:34 AM  

you're a good idea

bo 11:26 AM  

you are as original as a spam-eating korean in a darth vader getup. i think about the same shit - inventing things, monumental things. and then i realize i thought of them because i saw them elsewhere. damn.

metempsychosis 10:13 PM  

Gina stole my comment, the form of which I take credit for widespread dissemination of, even though my father clearly birthed the idea. And I am very upset that this is the first time I am seeing you in a Darth Vader helmet/chest-breathing-controls, were you afraid of turning me on too much?

Joanna Goddard 9:43 AM  

i heart #7.

Leland 11:48 PM  

When I was a kid, I was convinced that I had invented the panic switch, and that someone stole my idea. Except in my invention, you could have one in your shoes and press the button with your toe, so that the bank robber or murderer or whoever wouldn't catch you pressing it.

bean 10:48 AM  

lol at #1. no offense, but youd make a good jew! #1 is like the essence of judaism, right there. in fact, i have a joke along those lines that i will tell you next time i see you.

Gina Kay 2:53 PM  

haha. I just read this again. I love the list of coveted discoveries.

ed 12:02 PM  

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